mission is to rejuvenate all by providing skincare services, products, workshops and activities that promote self-care inside and out.

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Magdalena Olivia Belfort Creator/Esthetician. I started out in 2011 after noticing visible stress on my skin. I spent a lot of money on products that did nothing to help me. 

Because of my Caribbean background, I  knew that food products could help. As a child whenever I got sick, my mom would come up with some concoction that healed me without having to go to the doctor.

 One day, I started looking through my kitchen cabinets as well as the fridge! This was a 'trying out' phase so I made facial wipes,  how harmful could that be?  It wasn't at all! I had paper towels, water, almond oil then researched which essential oils would target my issues, and I found them! Tea tree and Lavender essential oils. After I got the oils and made a recipe, I was anxious to see what would happen.  Immediately I saw a difference and no adverse reactions. I was relieved and excited at the same time.

I didn't stop there. I wanted to understand what I was putting on my skin as well as learn what these ingredients were good for. So I decided to earn my Esthetics license.  I found that there were many people who weren't focused on their skin or didn't remember that the skin is the largest organ. As long as they at least have a cleanser that should be enough. However there are many variables when taking care of your skin, which some were not aware of. 

I was happy to share. So I did SkincareWorkshops for after school kids. I wanted to remind people that we can use what grows from the earth to our benefit. We need plants to live and I wanted to embrace that. I wanted to teach the kids the proper way to wash their face. I also presented for domestic violence survivors, high school girls as well as women who were transitioning from public assistance to the workforce.

My mission was to share the fact that if you take the time to get in tune with yourself, you'll realize that everything you need is within you...while teaching proper skincare! I tapped into myself and skincare is what I found.

I then started making SkincareProducts. For Women's Day I held a Skincare Party. I had the guests partner up with each other and give each other hand scrubs, paraffin wax and clay mask. It was a moment of bonding and meeting new people.

Coming together, being able to learn, building and growing from each other is a blessing in itself! My  focus has always been to help each client feel empowered  and  help make them look good in the process. This is 'Blossom's Place'.  not a location, it's a state of mind!  

I appreciate you taking the time to read a smidget about me. I also appreciate your support and look forward to providing continued quality products and services.